Spoiled Sheep Staff

Meet the hardworking team that keep the sheep spoiled.

 The Shepherdess:

Katrina is a professional in the home sewing industry - and head shepherdess at Spoiled Sheep Yarn.  She has a lifetime fascination with fiber and textiles, so having a flock full of beautiful fleece is a dream come true! (photo by ShibaGuyz Photography)

The Shepherd:

Scott is the patient, hardworking support for the shepherdess.  He helps with the heavy tasks and overall management, as well as IT support. He also grows the high quality alfalfa that the sheep enjoy. Spoiled Sheep Yarn couldn't exist without him. 

The Livestock Guardian Dogs


Kate is our alpha, a job she takes very seriously. She is a Maremma/Anatolian Shepherd cross. She directs the other dogs, and keeps a constant watch for predator movement. She loves her flock and family and especially babies. Here she is pictured with tiny week-old lamb Daphne.


Kit is our peacekeeper. He is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd cross. Kit likes to manage all the animals and will not allow any disagreements, especially between the cats. He loves to lick the face of any animal within reach which causes quite a bit of annoyance.  He is very talkative and is happy to explain whenever anything has gone wrong. At night he serenades us with his operatic vocalizations. Like his puppy picture shown here...he is always smiling.


Sampson is our newest LGD. He is a young Spanish Mastiff mix.  He has assumed the role of second-in-command and works very hard to protect his flock. He loves to hang out with his buddy Kit and his kitty, Addie. Sampson already has a large fan club that adore his big smooshy face and sweet droopy eyes.

Spoiled Sheep Staff
We also greatly appreciate the efforts of our young helpers and other family and friends who pitch in and help us out with the sheep and wool. Without the help of Siena and others, you would not be able to enjoy this beautiful yarn.  Our sincerest thanks to our fabulous team members!