About Spoiled Sheep

Spoiled Sheep by Jason Mullet-Bowlsby

Katrina and the Spoiled Sheep - Photo by Shibaguyz Photography

Welcome to Rose Butte Ranch, home of the Spoiled Sheep flock. Our small ranch near Spokane, Washington is home to a sustainable "boutique" flock of natural colored sheep of many breeds and beautiful colors. 

Why is our flock Spoiled? We shear the flock every year at the beginning of summer, for their greatest comfort during both the hot and cold seasons of the year.  They enjoy full access to pasture year-round, and are fed alfalfa hay grown in our own field during the winter.  Fresh spring water flows freely into their trough, ensuring a constant supply of clean water.  Their barn is cooled with a misting system and fan during the heat of the summer, and in winter is bedded with straw.  Treats from the garden, whether the results of our weeding efforts or cleaning up at the end of summer, are always a big hit. Last but certainly not least, they are guarded around the clock by our loving and dedicated Livestock Guardian Dog team. It's a good life for our sheep - and we think it shows in the beauty and quality of our yarn and fleece.

Our yarn is carefully skirted twice to remove undesirable short fibers or vegetation, and then washed, picked, carded, pin drafted, and spun locally by Fibers First in Post Falls, Idaho.  We hope you enjoy creating with our "farm fresh" wool.